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"The Yoga Teacher’s path to knowing more, teaching more deeply and  Continuous Learning"


Becoming a Yoga teacher through a basic 200 hour program is just the beginning of a beautiful, inspiring but demanding career. To teach Yoga wisely, safely and authentically requires the same commitment that we make about any career choice. With the prevalence of so many teacher training programs that
promise a “fast-track” to becoming a teacher, we want RYTs to know there is always more to learn. Some choose to “dabble” and that is fine - no judgement. But we know for the serious minded how difficult it is to distinguish yourself as a professional teacher vs. an instructor. The choice of course is yours but if you are seeking a deeper level of knowledge, we can help you enhance your current skills and most importantly, open your mind to endless possibilities. Yoga is emerging as an important component of integrative health and is being offered in a wide variety of wellness and healthcare

Questions You May Be Asking

  1. Have you trained as a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher only to feel overwhelmed by the demands? 

  2. Have you completed perhaps a 300 hour program and still feel what we call learning gaps? 

  3. Does the mere mention of anatomy scare you?

  4. Are you surprised at how many yoga practitioners have injury or illness and not quite sure of the do’s and don’ts?

  5. Are you interested in deepening your knowledge of the anatomy, medical conditions and emergencies, styles of practice that can be applied to a more diverse audience of practitioners, how the back works and conditions that spell danger to some practicing yoga and how to avoid doing harm (Ahimsa)? 

  6. Do you know you are obligated to keep learning as a certified teachers through CEUs (Continuing Education Units)?

  7. Do you lack the time or funding to travel far away so you can attend yoga retreats to learn?

  8. Have you taken CEUs that you felt didn’t quite meet your needs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place and we can help.

The Instructors

We are teachers who support and love our fellow teachers and know only too well the deficiencies you can feel as a new teacher and even an experienced one who has found him/herself in a bit of a teaching rut. We have designed a program of “Learning Shorts” delivered as CEUs that meet the requirements for Yoga Alliance of how you can continue your learning journey and to gain new knowledge.

We can help you further your expertise by learning how to apply new skills in a class. We can help you fill those gaps through our preliminary but expanding catalog of three hour courses located right in Suffern, NY.


A teacher of yoga for over 30 years. She is the owner of Indian Rock Yoga. 

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Executive Program Director

Pauline Kalish

Dr. Nancie Celini is an educator, researcher, certified organizational change manager and 500 hour certified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance.

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Senior Course Director

Nancie E. Celini

Series I: Basic Offerings – Fall 2018:
To help you further your yoga teaching skills through an exciting list of courses.

Designed to be taken separately or as a series.


Rescue Yoga

– 4 hours

2:30pm - 6:30pm

If you were confronted with an emergency, what would you do? We believe this is a real risk and no yoga teacher should be caught off-guard.


  • Learn First Aid for yoga teachers; Adult Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Define the key terms of First Aid

  • Describe when to access the 9-1-1 system and how

  • Identify common health issues in your student population and basic first aid techniques

  • Identify the mechanism and organs of respiration (anatomy)

  • Explore detailed steps of adult CPR to test and become certified



 Dec 9th

Spinal Health – Caring for our Center – 3 hours 

3:30pm - 6:30pm

The human spine is still after centuries of scientific study a marvel of engineering and design. As teachers when we tell our students to “forward bend” what are we really suggesting they do? Do you know the major precautions and why? 

  • The Spinal Column – Anatomy Review

  • Movements of the Spine

  • The Spine in Action in Selected Poses to Enhance Your Teaching 

  • Examples of back bending, forward bending, lateral and rotation

  • When things go wrong – back pain in the student population

  • Class sequence (your take away for a nicely balanced class)

  • The latest science

  • What’s next?



Oct 14th

Alignment And Why it matters-  3 Hours

3:30pm - 6:30pm

There is so much to learn about anatomy and alignment in yoga and it is often overwhelming for yoga students and teachers 


  • Give yoga teachers all the tools they need to observe where students are at and teach effectively to any level.

  • Basic Alignment cues

  • Common Alignment cues 

  • Learn how to guide students into poses deeply and safely.




Adding Chair Yoga to Your Teaching Toolkit - 3 Hours 

3:30pm - 6:30pm

This three hour CEU course allows practitioners to explore how the chair helps inform their own practice. Topics include​

  • What is “chair” yoga? Props, equipment needed

  • Anatomy review and benefits, risks and precautions of using the chair

  • Tools, methods and techniques 

  • Ideal poses

  • Sequence (template) provided for a 60 minute chair practice

  • You teach (short vignettes by the students to show application of what has been learned) 



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